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Deanna + DJ

"Stephanie with Events Inspired was absolutely AMAZING! Stephanie is soooo organized and made me feel so relaxed the day of my wedding. Stephanie was my day of wedding coordinator and she worked with me a few weeks out to organize and finalize everything. Stephanie was easy to get in touch with and was helpful from start to finish. I gave her a bunch of decor for the ceremony/ reception and told her to work her magic. Boy, did she ever! Everything looked amazing and was so smooth ! I honestly could not have done it without her.

I could not be more grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Stephanie and Events Inspired, I would recommend her to anyone in a second! She will not disappoint!"

Nicole + Jon

Sue, Mother of the Bride: "Amazing and professional come to mind about working with Julia Bagunu and her team at Events inspired. Throughout the planning process, Julia was attentive, organized and responsive. Which was important as parents of the bride we lived out of town from the event venue. This was important as Julia alleviated any additional stress leading up to the wedding. She took away all the worries and kept us from feeling overwhelmed. Julia was in total command and kept us informed, Julia also worked closely with all the vendors. She kept them on task and aware of the venue requirements. And on our rehearsal day Julia made sure we all knew our roles including working hand in hand with the venue to ensure the ceremony and all events went off as planned.
On the wedding day, since we had smooth sailing through all the planning, there was absolutely nothing to stress or be concerned about. While we hosted the reception we enjoyed our daughter and son in law’s special day as much if not more than our guests. 
We truly believe be the day was magical and so beautifully perfect due to Julia. We are so grateful for Julia’s expertise and the pride she takes in providing her clients with top notch service. We highly recommend Julia and her team to help you plan a fabulous wedding day!"

Abby + Chris


"I have two words for you: HIRE THEM!!! I was one of those brides who thought I didn't need a wedding planner, I am organized and figured I could get everything together and then ask a friend to be a point person for the big day. I quickly realized that I needed not only help but guidance and ideas! From the start I was impressed with both Julia and Stephanie. Julia was our wedding planner and was the best vendor that we hired! She was helpful, guided me in where to spend money and where to save, helped our vision come alive and was so easy to work with! Many people say that wedding planning is stressful, we did not have that experience at all! Julia and I would meet, she would help me with a list of things to accomplish, I would get them done and we would meet again. This process was seamless and made our special day perfect! I HIGHLY recommend working with this team! They are professional, full of integrity, easy to get along with, and fun to be with you! You wont be disappointed!"

Elena + Jeff


"We used Events Inspired for our May wedding at the Catamaran Resort and it was the best decision we could have made!!! Julia was our coordinator but her partner, Stephanie was also there on our wedding day and both were fabulous. We planned our whole wedding with 165 guests in only 5 months. In the beginning, I was completely overwhelmed. I knew I needed a good coordinator to pull it off and I interviewed 7 of them. SOOO glad I chose Events Inspired! Julia is so calm and in control and it helped me relax through the whole process. She really listened to what WE wanted and never tried to force her opinions on us...she understood what our vision was but would also tell me if she thought there was a better way to do something.
We chose the "month-of" package but also paid by the hour to have Julia come to our tasting at the Catamaran (b/c it occurred so early). SOO worth it! There are so many decisions that you have to make (how do you want the napkins folded, what size table for the photo booth, etc) that I have no clue about and having Julia there allowed us to just relax and enjoy our tasting. As we got closer to the wedding, Julia took over the coordination with all of our vendors and she helped me think of all the little details that I would have missed.
Our wedding day went off without a single hitch and I give all the credit to Events Inspired! The whole day was coordinated perfectly, all of our vendors were exactly where they needed to be, all of the personal effects and decorative items were set up exactly as we wanted them and the families/wedding party knew exactly what was expected of them. Julia helped us set up a timeline that allowed plenty of wiggle room so we never had to rush. The best part was, I NEVER felt any stress and really got to enjoy my day. Even when I realized I forgot my veil right before the wedding, Julia stayed calm, found a key to the room it was in, ran to get it and put it in my hair herself. Julia is the BEST!"

Joslyn + Patrick


"Michalene was an absolute joy to work with. My fiancé and I decided to do a lot of our wedding planning ourselves, but as we got closer to the day we realized we needed a day of coordinator. Luckily our caterer (the lovely Merlot Dalton) recommended Events Inspired. Their price point was in line with our budget and they offered more services than other comparable vendors at the same price. I worked with Stephanie over the phone and she was professional and extremely helpful. She even made recommendations of where we could save costs (not having the event planner at the ceremony location), to keep us at a price point we were comfortable with. We met with Michalene a few weeks before the wedding and I almost cried with happiness when the meeting was over. She took so many things that were stressing me out (like difficult to contact vendors) off of my plate. She did so much to make sure our wedding was perfect and I whole heartedly recommend her to any stressed out brides out there (or even laid back brides like I foolishly thought I was). The whole team at Events Inspired is fantastic."

Kaila + Ryan


"Julia and Stephanie of Events Inspired are girls everyone wants as friends. They are smart, capable, kind and have a killer sense of style. I used them for month-of wedding coordination for my recent wedding in San Diego and couldn't be happier with how things turned out.

From the beginning I knew I was in good hands. Julia was prompt and professional in her email replies and very proactive, asking relevant questions. She listened intently from our first meeting and I loved that we shared a common goal of creating a thoughtful personalized ceremony and reception. She was my go-to for problem-solving and helped me navigate the scary world of all things "wedding!"

Highlights of Events Inspired:
- Great value for services provided.
- Active listeners and creative thinkers.
- Stylish and well connected with local vendors.
- Professional and courteous.

I highly recommend Events Inspired for wedding and event planning. Cheers!"

Jay + Mike


"Stephanie was my day of wedding coordinator. I had contacted her 6 weeks before my wedding because we needed help to execute our plans so that we can focus on enjoying the day. She was very pleasant and understanding during our first initial phone calls and I immediately felt comfortable. I emailed her all of the vendor contracts before we met so that she can review them ahead of time. 3 weeks before the wedding, we met in person to go over the details. I am extremely organized by nature and she listened to all the details I had to relay. And honestly, she surprised me with additional details/questions that I hadn't even considered. It was a relief to be able to talk to someone that knew the details of my wedding and anticipated more than I had thought of. We then met the day before the wedding at the venue so that we can drop off some of the wedding items such as table numbers, candles, linens, etc. We had some specialty items that required specific set up and Stephanie executed flawlessly on every single item. All of our guests loved the venue and all of the details that went in to the wedding. Stephanie took care of us throughout the wedding night with the best balance of anticipating the next detail without being pushy. She even had a band aid for my now husband after he accidentally cut himself with the dinner knife. If you are looking for someone to take care of you, hire Stephanie now."

Karolyn + Jeff


"What an experience! I cannot say enough genuinely positive things about Stephanie and Events Inspired. I was drowning in wedding planning when I found Stephanie. From the moment we spoke on the phone I felt like she cared about me and our wedding. She got to know me and Jeff by being curious about who we are as individuals and our story as a couple, and immediately invested in the vision we had for our event. 
Stephanie took the reigns while still allowing ample space for my creative mind to run free. She kept us on track, on budget, and all the while made it fun. Each time I sat with Stephanie I would tell her how calm I felt in her presence. She truly has a gift not only to create a magical space from two peoples' visions, but she made it easy for us to embrace the process of planning, which was incredible. 
Our wedding day was by far the most amazing day of our lives to date. The care, detail and attention .... everything far exceeded our expectations. Stephanie was an absolute joy to wok with and we could not have been happier with the whole experience start to finish! She helped make our day one we will never forget!"

Frances + Bennett


"Hiring Events Inspired was, undoubtedly, the best decision we made for our wedding! Initially, we reached out to them because of their customizable packages. We knew we wanted a day-of coordinator, and we had already planned some parts of our wedding but had to admit that we needed help with others. (Our venue, the Scripps Seaside Forum, is gorgeous but very barebones.) Stephanie and Julia were integral in creating and executing the layout and timeline. We had a unique ceremony structure that they made a reality by ironing out all the issues that came up. Over the planning process, they kept us on track and supported us. Stress levels were much lower, knowing that Stephanie and Julia were on top of it and no detail would be missed. On the day of, they gave us tremendous peace of mind and allowed us to enjoy our wedding to the fullest - we and our families didn't have to worry about a thing. We were completely in awe of how amazing the setup looked and how smoothly everything went, and we have EI to thank for that! They truly went above and beyond. Stephanie and Julia have an impressive attention to detail and foresight - they brought up key points that we never would have anticipated ourselves, but were totally crucial. We had strong opinions about certain aspects of our wedding, which they completely respected, and for things we had no clue about, they offered such helpful suggestions. I loved that they were never pushy about the one "right" way to do anything - recognizing that all couples and weddings are different. They were always available to address any questions/concerns and very quick to respond. We found we could trust them 100%, which is so important given the craziness of weddings! We still talk about how they were the best value vendor we had. We were thrilled with how dedicated and energetic they were, from our first contact to the cleanup at the end. Could not recommend Events Inspired more highly!"

Sindi + Aaron


"I'm not sure I can write a review to do justice to Stephanie and Julia. My now husband was unsure if we needed to spend the money on day of planners. After the event, he couldn't sing their praises enough. Julia and Stephanie made sure our day was calm and fun, exactly what we wanted. Did anything go wrong...I have no idea! They made it so I could spend the day getting ready with my girls and live in the moment. I can't thank them enough for keeping us on task the weeks leading up to the big day and allowing us to enjoy our wedding and reception without having to worry about what tables should eat when, sending grandparents down the aisle on time, etc. It was the best money we spent throughout the entire process!"

Katie + Ian


"When beginning to plan my wedding last June I wasn't completely sure where to start. Excitement flooded my ideas but I had no plan. I decided to book {Events Inspired} and it was honestly the best starting off point I could have ever chosen and gave me the peace I needed knowing my Husband & I would be taken care of on our big day. It is an overwhelming thought thinking of all your ideas and expressions of love coming together the day of while also trying to grasp that there is no way you will have any time to make sure that they do. And you won't want to. You'll want to work with someone all the way up to your wedding but when it comes to that day you are going to want to be with your family and friends, enjoying every minute with them in what you saw for your dream day. That is why {Events Inspired} skills were so critical to my wedding day being absolutely perfect. Julia and Michalene are quite possibly the sweetest, most talented girls I could have ever asked for. Communication was made so simple via GoogleChat, and was beyond enlightening of the things I hadn't even considered to figure out. They helped me take care of things I am positive I would have left undone for the big day. I live in San Luis Obispo and from the moment they got here from their travels from San Diego it was game on. They poured out their expertise and everything just ran perfectly. I know of not one thing that went wrong on my wedding day I am completely confident that was because of {Events Inspired}. The most important part is they were people I would want with me on such a special day, they are part of my memories, and I am positive they were celebrating my love with me. Best money I spent out of my wedding budget, hands down."

Nicole + Jake


"My husband & I could not have imagined our wedding without {Events Inspired}! It was an investment towards peace of mind on the happiest day of our lives. Julia & Stephanie are nothing short of amazing! They are incredibly creative, passionate, professional & organized! They made the entire planning

process fun & easy. People would ask me “How are you such a relaxed bride?” & my response was “I have amazing planners!” They kept us on track every step of the way, listened to our vision & helped turn it into a reality! We knew we were in great hands throughout the entire planning process. But Julia & her team completely blew us away when the big day was finally here! Every single detail we discussed throughout the last 14 months was executed flawlessly! They handled the entire day & evening with extreme composure & professionalism. The day goes by so quickly, but Julia made sure we had everything we could’ve needed at the drop of a dime. {Events Inspired} genuinely cares about their clients. My hard to impress father-in-law cannot stop talking about how amazed he was with Julia &

her team! I think he said it best when he called them “Top notch! Absolutely phenomenal!” We cannot thank you enough for making our wedding day better than we ever dreamed!"

Molly + Paul


"I'm 100% sure my wedding would have killed me without the help of Stephanie and Julia. They were so helpful with answering all my milions of questions, helping me with difficult vendors, and they were a huge help in making decisions. My fiancé was out of town for 9 months of the one-year planning process, and without the help of these 2 wonderful women I would have surely lost my mind (more than I already did...). Wedding planning is one of the most stressful things for the bride and groom, for reasons beyond just "party planning". My advice to any bride out there is to hire these ladies to lend a helping hand. I did a variation of their partial planning package, and it blew my mind how smoothly the last 3 months flew by. And the day of! Absolutely PERFECT in every way possible! If anything did go wrong, I never once

heard about it. I allowed myself to get swept away by the magic of our wedding knowing full well Stephanie and Julia and everything taken care of. If I had to do it all over again, they would be the first people I would call. If you want a perfect day with coordinators willing to go above and beyond, call

Events Inspired!"

Lauren + Matt


"My husband and I planned our San Diego wedding from across the country in Boston. We hired Julia and Stephanie as our coordinators and they went above and beyond all expectations. Firstly, they are so sweet and so fun to chat with about all things weddings. Even my mom was getting bored of talking about wedding planning all the time, but for these ladies it is their passion. Secondly, they were amazingly organized. We took about a year to plan the wedding and Julia and Stephanie helped keep us on track every step of the way. They were very responsive to all my emails, no matter how mundane or particular my questions were. They ran our rehearsal, coordinated the timeline with all of our vendors, gave me advice whenever I needed it, made our lovely signage, and set up all of the decorations. Our entire day went off without a single hitch thanks to them. These ladies are professionals and they really have an eye for making things beautiful and they captured my vision perfectly. Not to mention they were great with all of our guests, our entire bridal party and even our 2 year old ring bearer. Everyone had nothing but good things to say about these two. Thank you Stephanie and Julia for making our special day so special and so stress-free!!"

Erika + Heath


"I got engaged January 11th 2014; by January 12th I was in tears, completely overwhelmed at the idea.

I called {Events Inspired} and it changed everything. Julia and Stephanie are the whole package. 

Whichever {EI} package you go with I assure you it will be the best money spent towards your wedding. I am the type of person that knows what I want…can you say control freak?! I wanted to have creative control over the big day so the idea of a wedding planner was scary. Julia and Stephanie listened to my ideas, paid attention to my style, and encouraged my own creativity; they helped me make my dreams a reality by keeping me on track with my schedule and budget. They were so enthusiastic about my own ideas, but also helped me rein them in and made suggestions that were always unique and appropriate. 
I live out of area, so we often had our meetings via googlechat. Each time we met they were organized, professional, prepared and a total blast to plan with. Leading up to the wedding I always felt prepared and most importantly overwhelmed with excitement. 
Our wedding day was absolutely perfect. Everything went off without a hitch- at least I was under the impression it went that way. Come to find out there were plenty of problems, but {EI} made sure I didn’t witness any of them. They handled absolutely everything and did it with composure & poise. Do not be fooled by these ladies. They are so fun & sweet to deal with, but when it comes time to be a BOSS these ladies have it down. Their directing, problem solving and professionalism made me feel completely confident in their day of coordination. 
{Events Inspired} handled everything with grace and professionalism and were extremely dedicated to making sure my husband & I had the best night of our lives; and we did. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the ladies of {Events Inspired} but I can tell you these two will far exceed your greatest expectations!"

Tracey + Bruce


"I needed the inspiration of {Events Inspired}!! 
Julia & Stephanie helped me find a 'vision' for my wedding. I was not a woman who had imagined every last detail of her wedding. In fact, I had never thought much about it at all. So J & S 'interviewed' me; and basically helped me tap into what few ideas I had and then narrow down my style. Before I knew it, I had a vision for my wedding and the enthusiasm to move forward with the planning. They broke down the overwhelming steps of planning a big event into manageable tasks. I chose the package where they had their tasks and I had mine; and we would meet periodically to discuss our progress. Stephanie and Julia were always fully prepared for each meeting. They had great vendor su
ggestions and excellent ideas of places to shop. I really looked forward to those meetings! 
I felt comfortable asking them any questions along the way. If not immediately available, they would get back to me in a timely fashion. They were always gentle and positive in their approach, and they listened to my thoughts and concerns. At rehearsal and throughout the wedding, S & J were extremely professional. They arrived on site exactly when they said they would, and were prepared. They took charge and remembered all of the details, even some that I'd forgotten. It was wonderful to see the plans coming together around me, knowing that all I had to do was relax into the whole experience!  Don't let their sweet faces fool you! These ladies have backbone and finesse. You can trust them to understand your ideas and see them through. My advice: listen to their ideas, too. They're so creative and capable, you won't want to miss out on their view of things. My father, who never pays an unwarranted compliment, was extremely impressed with the ladies of {Events Inspired}. That alone is worth a 5-star review! 
S & J ~Thanks, girls! It was unforgettable, fun, wonderful."

Kelly + Ryan
"I can't believe I thought I could do all that myself!  Holy cow was I wrong, it could've been a disaster without Events Inspired.  Before EI came along, there were so many details involved that even though I had braced myself, when they piled up on me, it got ugly.  Stephanie and Julia really came to my rescue with fresh ideas, great attitudes, and impressive organization!  Working with EI was one of the best choices I could've made in the whole planning process and we all know how many choices there are to make! From the beginning, I knew what I wanted, but had no clue how to bring any of my ideas to real life!  I picked a fabulous venue, with tons of opportunities, but I soon realized it was going to take a lot to decorate and delegate the areas.  I really challenged the two of them with some tough timelines and DIY projects and they didn't even bat an eye!  The girls were very professional, I was so impressed with their skills and their tact: from the very beginning I could tell they really had it together when they had a well written contract, a beautiful timeline example prepared for me. As we prepared for the big day they helped me come up with some fun ideas for decorations, they even hand crafted the majority of the signage!  Every time we met for a consultation it was fun and refreshing and I felt so much better afterwards!  They worked tirelessly the day before, getting everything prepared, and when the big day came Stephanie and Julia really poured out their hearts.  I could not believe the extra efforts they put in, it was clear they had really listened to me and understood what I wanted.  My husband and I walked around the property at the end of the night, and to our delight we found all the tiny details done perfectly; some things I had even forgotten about, and things I wasn't able to envision...all came to fruition, it was very touching.  I'd recommend to anyone that you involve Events Inspired early in the process, the more you let them help the better your life (leading up to it) and your wedding will be.  They were available, made suggestions when asked, and handled every situation with grace.  They managed to deal with THE MOST picky bride, and if they can deal with me, they can deal with you too! Let's get real, it's not an easy task to deal with brides, but someone has to do it, these gals are truly cut out for it! Thank you Events Inspired for being so good to me, you made my wedding day perfect!"  


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